A short biography of Fr. Ryogo Yuuki,
sj (Diego Pacheco,sj, 1922-2008)
European Works and Japanese Works Complete Works list(xls) published by Fr. Yuuki Fr. Diego Pacheco Lopez de Morla (after Diego Yuuki) was born in Spain in October 17th., 1922, and entered The Society of Jesus in 1939. He came to Japan the 18th of August ,1948, and after studying Japanese for two years went to teach in the Novitiate of the Society of Jesus in Hiroshima. In 1951 he went to Colombia, to study Theology at the Universidad Xaveriana, Bogota, where he was ordained Priest in 1954. In the mean time he worked among the Japanese immigrants in Colombia and Peru. Back in Japan he started his work as assistant in the Church of Fukuyama city, (Hiroshima Prefecture), and at the same time he studied "Kirishitan" literature in the Graduates Department of Hiroshima University. In 1957, he was appointed again to the Novitiate in Hiroshima as Assistant to the Master of Nos. In 1960 he was appointed to the new work to be started in the Hill of the Martyrs in Nagasaki, and he spent one year in Rome, Spain and Portugal doing research on the History of the Christian Century of Japan and collecting material for the Museum of the 26 Martyrs. Finally in 1962, when the Museum was inaugurated the 10th of June, 1962, he was appointed Director, a work he has done till 2004. Besides the work of management in the Museum, he has contributed to the Studies of Christian History in Japan with many publications and conferences, mainly in the Kyushu Area, collaborating in the opening of various local Museums and in the activities of different Associations: Nagasaki Historical Association, Omura Historical Association, Kirisuto Kyo Shigakkai and Kirishitan Bunka Kenkyukai (Sophia University, Tokyo). In Nagasaki he was one of the founders (hakkonin) of the Japanese Portuguese Association, and of the Association of Religions for the Solution of the Discrimination Problem in Japan. He acted as Producer of the Vatican Pavilion in the Okinawa Ocean Exposition of 1975 and in 1982 was among the organizers of the Showa Mission of the Four Legates to Portugal, Spain and the Vatican. In the quest of historical investigations and to promote cultural exchanges he visited Macau, where he took part in the Symposium to Commemorate the 4th. Centennial of St. Paul College. He is member of the Committee of the Nagasaki Prefecture for the Preservation of Cultural Patrimony, and for five years was member of the "Pontificia Commissio de Patrimonio Artis et Historiae Conservando". Since 1982 he worked as a member of the Historic Commission for the Process of Beatification of 188 Japanese Martyrs.
In 1978 he took Japanese Nationality, and changed his name to Yuuki Ryoogo. He died on November 17th, 2008 in Nagasaki. The Museum of the 26 Martyrs had every year about 40.000 visitors, about half of them students, but many prominent visitors too, such as members of the Imperial Family of Japan, the brothers of the late Showa Emperor, the kings of Belgium and Spain, Bl. Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II. (compiled by Renzo De Luca,sj)
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