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A short biography of Fr. Renzo De Luca,sj Director of the Museum
Fr.Renzo De Luca,sj, was born in Larroque City, Entre Ríos, Argentina, in 1963. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1981, and after doing the Noviciate and Juniorate in Argentina, he was sent to Japan in 1985. He did 2 years of Japanese Language Studies in Sophia University and went to Ofuna Church for a time of Church experience. He did 3 years of Philosophy in Sophia University and 2 years of Regency in Rokko High School in Kobe. After that he went back to Sophia University for 4 years of Theology studies.
He was ordained priest in 1996, and was sent to Nagasaki to work mainly in Christian History research. He did his Licence in Japanese History in Kyushu University. He became the Director of the Museum on October 3, 2004. Main published works
"Valignano's Aim for a Japanese Church", -The Concept of Mission in the 16th. Century in Japan-, (CATHOLIC STUDIES, Sophia University, No.68, 1999) "Mission as a Culture Dialog" - The Missional Vision of the Christian Period in Japan-(THE PAST AND FUTURE OF GOSPEL PREACHING, Various Authors, San Pablo, 2001) "The Documents of the Yamaguchi Religious Debates of 1551, A comparative Reassessment of the Historical Narrative" (BULLETIN OF ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF KIRISHITAN CULTURE, No.119, 2002) "The Acceptance of the Christian Lords and the Trade Ship in Kyushu" (NAGASAKI DANSO, No.91, 2002) "The Document of Concession of the Daidoji place and the Jesuit Documents" (KYUSHU SHIGAKU, 2002) "A glimpse of the Japanese Brother: The Letter of Iruman Damian" (NAGASAKI DANSO, No.93, 2004) "Xavier's 'Dialog-Centered'Mission Style", ("SOPHIA", Vol. 54, Winter 2005) "Mercy: The path of the Catholic Church Social Welfare", (HISTORICAL STUDIES ON THE CATHOLIC SOCIAL WELFARE IN NORTH-EAST ASIA, Junshin University,Nagasaki, 2005 "A Comparative Study of the Styles of Jesuit Mission Reports: Latin America and Japan" (in: INTEGRATION AND DIVISION BETWEEN UNIVERSALISM AND LOCALISM IN JESUIT MISSION REPORTS AND HISTORIES: SOPHIA UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM 2005 REPORT, The Sophia University Research Group for Jesuit Mission Reports and Histories, Tokyo, 2006, in English) "Xavier's Legacy and the Spiritual Growth of the Japanese Mission" - A Study from the "Mission Independence" Standpoint - (STUDIA MISSIONALIA, Vol.55, 2006, in English) "Xavier's Legacy and the Spiritual Growth of the Japanese Mission" - A Study from the Standpoint of "Mission Independence" - (CATHOLIC STUDIES, Sophia University, No.75, 2006, in Japanese)
"Xavier's Heritage" - Trusting God and people - Part 1 (FUKUIN SENKYO, Oriens Institute, November 2006 issue, in Japanese)
"Xavier's Heritage" - Trusting God and people - Part 2 (FUKUIN SENKYO, Oriens Institute, December 2006 issue, in Japanese)
"Hakata and The Christians" (DIGGING MIDDLE AGE HAKATA, Kaichosha, March 2008, in Japanese)
"The Lay centered Church of the Christian Period" (CHRISTIAN FAITH AND MODERN SOCIETY -The challenge of the 21th. Century - Saint Paul Press, August, 2008, in Japanese)
"Two Evangelizing Periods, 16th. and 20th. Centuries" (THE MEMORY OF 100 YEARS - One Century since the Return of the Society of Jesus to Japan- Nansosha, December, 2008, in Japanese)
"The Politics of Evangelization: Valignano and his Relations with the Japanese Rulers of the Sixteenth Century" (in: Alessandro Valignano S.I. : Uomo del Rinascimento: ponte tra oriente e occidente, A cura di Adolfo Tamburello, Antoni J. Üçerler, Marisa Di Russo, Roma: Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu, 2008)
"A Brief Biography of Fr. Yuki" "A bibliography of the Works of Fr. Yuki" (BULLETIN OF ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF KIRISHITAN CULTURE, No.133, May, 2009, in Japanese)
"Medals: support of the Christian living" (ARCHEOLOGY OF CHRISTIAN LORDS, Beppu University Cultural Proyects Series, Human, Things and Environment message, Shibunkaku Press, July, 2009, in Japanese)
"A Discerning Christian Lord, Takayama Ukon: An Update on the conflicts with the Wada and Araki families"(BULLETIN OF ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF KIRISHITAN CULTURE, No.135 May, 2010, in Japanese)
"Mateo Ricci and Alessandro Valignano" - Introducing the concept of "Evangelization Tools"- (BULLETIN OF ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF KIRISHITAN CULTURE, No.138 November, 2011, in Japanese)
"Lord Takayama Ukon: his position regarding the death penalty and war casualties in his time" (CATHOLIC STUDIES, Sophia University, No.81, 2012, in Japanese)
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