List of Books Published by The 26 Martyrs Museum (all in Japanese unless other ways stated) Price Nagasaki e no Michi (The Way to Nagasaki, English translation below) ¥ 700
The Twenty-Six Martyrs Hill (English) ¥ 400
The Twenty-Six Martyrs of Nagasaki (English) ¥1050
La Colina de los Mártires (Spanish original about the 26 Martyrs) ¥ 300
Zabieru no Michi (The Way of Xavier, with many pictures) ¥3150
Nihon Nijuuroju Seijin Kinenkan no Sei Furanshisuko Zabieru (Jap-En Bilingual, picture album) ¥1500
Zabieru (Life of St. Francis Xavier) ¥ 525
Junkyosha Bento Fernandesu "Nihon" (Life and study of the Martyr Bento Fernandez,sj) ¥1300
Junkyosha Bento Fernandesu "Nihon" (Japanese-Portuguese bilingual edition) ¥2000
Nihon Nijuroku Seijin Junkyoki (Japanese Translation of Luis Frois Document) ¥ 840
Nijuroku Seijin to Nagasaki Monogatari (Short Stories about the 26 Martyrs and Nagasaki) ¥ 525
Unzen no Junkyosha (Study and documents about the Martyrs of Unzen) ¥ 650
Nagai Takashi no Jujika no Michiyuki (Pictures and comments about "Dr. Nagai's Way of the Cross") ¥1000
Yatsushiro no Junkyosha (Study and documents about the Martyrs of Kumamoto) ¥ 200
El Hombre que Forjó a Nagasaki (Spanish, the life of Fr. Cosme de Torres,sj) ¥1000
Yonezawa no Junkyosha (Life and study about the Martyrs of Yamagata) ¥ 250
Kirishitan Tsubomi (Life of the Children Martyrs in Japan) ¥ 700 Gokinai no saigo no Junkyosha Yuki Ryosetsu (Life and study about the Japanese Martyr Fr. Yuki,sj) ¥ 200
Gaijin Bochi no Hibun (Study and pictures of the writings on the Foreign tombs in Nagasaki) ¥ 700
Iruman Nikolao Keian Migeru Kusuriya (Life and study about 2 Japanese Brothers Martyrs) ¥ 150
Kyushu no Kojoo to Kirishitan (Study about the old castles in Kyushu) ¥1500
Amakusa Korejio (Study about the Collegio of Amakusa) ¥ 500
Kirishitan no Santa Maria (Study about the Japanese paintings of Our Lady) ¥ 800
Catalog of the Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum (English-Japanese bilingual) ¥2500
Message of Pope John Paul II from Nishizaka ¥ 100
Kirishitan ni natta Daimyo (Life of the Christian Lords and warriors) ¥1050
Roma wo Mita (Life of Julian Nakaura) ¥1200
Tensho Shonen Shisetsu no Bl. Nakaura Julian (Life of Julian Nakaura as Japanese Ambassador) ¥ 800
Nagaski in Color (Jap-English Picutre Album) ¥1400
Beautiful Nagasaki (Jap-En Bilingual, 4 A4 size Pictures Set) ¥ 500
Bl. Nakaura Julian no Tegami (Japanese- Portuguese) ¥ 120
Eight Post Cards Set ¥ 300
Iruman (Life of the Jesuit Brothers in the Japanese Mission) ¥1000
Lorenso Ryosai (The life of Brother Lorenso, the first Japanese Jesuit admited in Japan) ¥1680
Otoko 4 nin, Michi hitotsu (The life of the 4 Jesuits Martyrs to be beatified in 2008) ¥1000
Nagasaki no Genna dai Junkyo, 1622 (records of Bento Fernandez,sj on the big Martyrdoom in Nagasaki 1622) ¥1000 ※All the prices are in Yen included taxes
※If you make an order, the sending fees are added to the price
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