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Paul Miki's Sermon from the Cross
All of you who are here, please, listen to me. I did not come from the Philippines, I am a Japanese by birth, and a brother of the Society of Jesus. I have committed no crime, and the only reason why I am put to death is that I have been teaching the doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I am very happy to die for such a cause, and see my death as a great blessing from the Lord.
At this critical time, when, you can rest assured that I will not try to deceive you, I want to stress and make it unmistakably clear that man can find no way to salvation other than the Christian way.
The Christian religion tells us to forgive our enemies and those who do harm us, and so I say that I forgive the king and those resposible for my death. I have no hatred for the king; indeed, I wish that he and all the Japanese would become Christians.
(From Luis Frois's Martyrs Records, 1597)
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