Tomás Nishi and Companion Martyrs: The 16 Martyrs of Nagasaki, Canonized by SS. John Paul II in October 18, 1987
#Name (in Spanish)
1Domingo Ibáñez de Erquicia
Dominican Priest (O.P.)Spanish1633.8.13NishizakaPit Hanging
2Francisco Shoemon
Dominican Brother (O.P.)Japanese1633.8.14NishizakaPit Hanging
3Diego de Santa María Tomonaga Gorobyoe
Dominican Priest (O.P.)Japanese from Omura
1633.8.17NishizakaPit Hanging
4Miguel Kurobyoe
LayJapanese1633.8.17NishizakaPit Hanging
5Lucas del Espíritu Santo
Dominican Priest (O.P.)Spanish1633.10.19NishizakaPit Hanging
6Mateo del Rosario Kohyoe
Dominican Brother (O.P.)Japanese1633.10.19NishizakaPit Hanging
7Magdalena de Nagasaki
Agustinian Sister (O.S.A.)
Japonese from Nagasaki
1634.10.15NishizakaPit Hanging
8Marina de Omura
Dominican Sister (O.P.)
Japonese from Omura
1634.11.11NishizakaBurned Alive
9Tomás de San Jacinto Nishi Rokuzaemon
Dominican Priest (O.P.)Japanese from Ikitsuki
1634.11.15NishizakaPit Hanging
10Bordan de San Estéban
Dominican Priest (O.P.)Italian1634.11.17NishizakaPit Hanging
11Antonio González
Dominican Priest (O.P.)Spanish1637.9.24NagasakiTortured
12Guillermo Courtet
Dominican Priest (O.P.)French1637.9.29NishizakaPit Hanging
13Miguel de Aozaraza
Dominican Priest (O.P.)Spanish1637.9.29NishizakaPit Hanging
14Vicente de La Cruz Shiozuka
Dominican Priest (O.P.)Japanese1637.9.29NishizakaPit Hanging
15Lorenzo Ruiz
LayFilipino1637.9.29NishizakaPit Hanging
16Lázaro de Kyoto
LayJapanese1637.9.29NishizakaPit Hanging
In Japan, the Nakamachi Church (Nagasaki) was re-dedicated to these 16 Martyrs for their Canonization.