Fr.Julian Nakaura Chart
Born in Nakaura (Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture)
1580(Tensho 8)
Enters the Arima Seminario
1581(Tensho9)OctoberValignano visits the Seminario and choses the 4 ambassadors (Mancio Ito, Michael Chijiwa, Martin Hara and Julian Nakaura).
1582(Tensho 10)February 20thThey leave (together with the Japanese Broters Jorge Loyola and Constantin Dourado among others) Nagasaki, and arrive to Macao March 9th
1583(Tensho 11)November 10thThey reach Goa and meet the Indian Governor Mascarenhas
1584(Tensho 12)February 20thThey leave Cochin in the Santiago Ship
August 11thThey reach Lisbon. Meet Cardinal of Asturias
October 20thPassing Evora, Villavisossa, Guadalupe, Toledo they reach Madrid
November 11thThey meet the Prince in San Jeronimo Church
14thThey meet King Felipe II
26thThey leave Madrid. Passing Alcala they reach Alicante
1585(Tensho13)February 7thThey leave Alicante, passing Mallorca they reach Italy
March 1st.They reach Livorno, visit Pizza, Florence as guests of the Medici
17thThey leave Siena. Julian has 3 days of high fever
22ndThey reach Rome, meet Fr.General Aquaviva
23rdJulian meets Pope Gregory XIII alone
April 10thPope Gregory XIII dies. Sixtus V is elected
May 1st.They attend the Installation of Pope Sixtus V
29thThey receive honorary citizenship from Rome
June 3rdThey leave Rome, passing Loreto they reach Venice. In Ferrara Julian gets sick
28thThey meet the Venice President
August 9thVicenzia, Mantua, Milan, leaving from Genova
16thThey reach Barcelona. Pilgrimage to Moserrat
September 10thMeet King Felipe II in Monzon. Go to Portugal passing Madrid
November 25thThey reach Lisbon. They celebrate Christmas in the Jesuit House of Coimbra
1586(Tensho 14)April 8thThey leave Lisbon
1587(Tensho 15)May 29thLeaving Mozambique (7month stay), reach Goa
1588(Tensho 16)April 22ndLeave Goa, reaching Macao on July 28th
1590(Tensho 18)June 23rdLeave Macao reaching Nagasaki on July 21st.
1591(Tensho 19)March 3rdThey meet Hideyoshi in his new Palace
MayIn Arima Church, they give the letters of the Pope to Arima Harunobu
July 25thJulian enters the Jesuits in Kawachinoura, Amakusa
1593(Bunroku 2)July 25thPronounce First Vows, he moves to the Collegio
1597(Keicho 2)SeptemberThe Amakusa Collegio is transferred to Nagasaki
1600(Keicho 5)SeptemberJulian works at Yatsushiro Church
1601(Keicho 6)
Julian and Mancio go to Macao for studies
1604(Keicho 9)
Julian comes back, works in the Arima Seminario
1606(Keicho11)SeptemberJulian becomes Sub-Deacon
1607(Keicho 12)
He is ordained Deacon
1608(Keicho 13)
Works in Kyoto and Hakata

SeptemberOrdained Priest together with Mancio and Martin (Bishop Cerqueira)
1609(Keicho 14)
Pastoral work in Hakata Church
1614(Keicho 19)November 4thFr. Mezquita dies
7thMartin and others are expelled to Macao. Julian remains hidden
22ndBig Martyrdom of Kuchinotsu. Julian moves there
1615(Gennna 1)
Works 10 years in Kuchinotsu
1621(Gennna 7)September 21st.Writes a letter to Fr. Mascarenhas
December 21st.Julian Pronounces Final Vows in Kazusa
1626(Kan'ei3)date not clearMoves to Kokura
1632(Kan'ei9)date not clearHe is arrested in Kokura and brought to Nagasaki
1633(Kan'ei 10)October 18thHe suffers the torment of the Pit in Nishizaka Hill
21st.Julian died Martyr